Are You Ready for Some Football?

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  • When: 09/05/19
  • QIC: Full Monty
  • The PAX: McDreamy (respect), Inside Out (respect), Slash (respect), Happy Feet, Twig, Sofa, Dollar Bill, Tazz, Pazz, Duece, Bullwinkle (respect), Zamboni (respect and welcome back), Outhouse, Bloomer, Aqua Man

After an on again off again relationship with one Dorian, 16 PAX assembled at Badlands ITG to see if we had anything left. I think our workout proved that we did.

Warm Up




Limp Member – OYO

Abe Vigoda X 10 IC

Hillbillies X 10 IC

Michael Phelps X 10 IC

Chinooks X 10 IC

The Thang

Mosey to Soccer field

Mountain Climbers and Plank Jacks – IC every so often

7 of diamonds – as a group start with 7 burpees, mosey to next corner, then mosey as a group, 7 in each corner OYO. 14 flutter kicks (each leg) IC in each corner. 21 merkins in each corner IC. 28 jump squats each corner OYO. Mumblechatter started early, didn’t last after the second round… multiples of seven in honor of NFL 100 season starting tonite!

Audible to mosey to flag with , 14 Freddy Mercuries IC, 30 merkins on the way back.

Mosey to flag

For those counting…156 merkins were completed!


Need a Q for Poseidon on Saturday. McDreamy will take it if no one else, with 1 hour full of burpees!!!

YHC shared Ish. 41:10 and commented on the power of God manifested in the storm we could not control, we can just prepare and be ready!

Prayed and dismissed.

Thanks for coming out gentlemen, it was a pleasure to lead…

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