Finish What You Start!

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  • When: 9/12/2019
  • QIC: Dollar Bill
  • The PAX: Full Monty (Respect), Seven, Nutshell, Bullwinkle (Respect), McDreamy (Respect), Inside Out (Respect), Rudy, Happy Feet, Papa Smurf (Double Respect), Check Please, Outhouse, Gadget

YHC opened this morning at the Badlands with a theme-  Finish What You Start!  The humidity was stifling.  Mumblechatter was mostly nonsense.

Warm-o-Rama: Limp Member OYO, Reacher IC, Michael Phelps IC, LBAC Forward IC, LBAC Backward, 2 laps around parking lot, Burpees (approximately 7-9) until the American Flag was planted (Thanks Papa!).


(1) Bear Crawl Pain of Death Across the Badlands: Partner up-  Partner 1 bear crawls  while partner 2 waits.   When Partner 1 needs a rest, partner 2 sprints to partner 1.  Keep alternating until journey complete.  Also, 200 Iron Crosses as a team along the way.  Approximate distance- 200 yards

(2) 10 Tempo Merkins IC, 20 Monkey Humpers IC

Mosey to Football Field

(3)Army Crawl followed by 10 Diamond Merkins

(4) Crawl Bear followed by 20 squats

(5) Lunge followed by 20 jump squats

(6) Inch Worm followed by 50 LBCs

(7) 11s- Merkins/SSH (10 Merkins run to other sideline 1 SSH, 9/2…..)

(8) Mosey to Outhouse-  10 Tempo Merkins IC, 10 Pickle Pounders IC

(9)  All You GOT to the Flag!

COT/BOM:  F2 announcements- pizza party with FUFIA this weekend and Papa Smurf planning Top Golf outing.  Prayers for sick, EHing, marriages and parenting.  Finish what you start!  2 Timothy 4:7 “I have competed well.  I have finished the race; I have kept the faith.”

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