The Truth is the Starting Line!

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  • When: 09/14/2019
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: Sofa, Twig, Bloomer, Swag, GNC, Outhouse, McDreamy, Nutshell, Surfer Girl(FNG), Boilermaker,Half Moon, Inside Out,

David Goggins has an accountability mirror…he says all the time that you have to tell yourself the truth…if you’re fat, tell yourself you’re fat…but don’t stay fat…pick a diet and an exercise and get an accountability partner and don’t be fat anymore…

The Q’s truth is simple…he says he wants to weigh 180 but he still drinks Mt. Dew and eats like crap…the accountability to F3 will be to eliminate sugar and reach 180 by October 15…that’s one starting line…what is your starting line ?

Warm Up

Mosey to field and once there , shuffle south on the yellow line and then karaoke and hop on 1 leg  to the circle…(Q is out of breath)!

Flutter kicks •15/MP•15/SSH•15/Abe Vigoda•15/Plank jacks•15/Mt.Climbers•15/Spider-Man stretch •10 Bird Dogs•10


Swirly•5 …Princess tea Party…run the width of the field 3x…10 flutter kicks after each width…run/karaoke/ forward/backward…

Welsh Dragon 1 merkin.1 plank jack.1 shoulder tap. 4 ct bear crawl…ascend to 10 of each exercise.

Walk Like an Egyptian…single file  1 lunge step and the last Pax runs to the front….

William Wallace: teams of 3 run from 4 corners to middle and do exercise…

Vacuum Cleaner  10 yds

Triple Check width of field

Snowman mosey around and back to the circle…

Ciabatta::: planks/flutter kicks/hello dolly..

Final Exercise:::: Pinocchio pass the medicine ball up and down the line while doing flutter kicks…


Prayers for all of the men traveling and participating in crazy spartan events …prayers for those who are absent and in need of lifting up and prayers for F3 making leaders out of all these men working out today.

It is always a pleasure to have the opportunity to sweat with these men.

Remember to tell yourself the truth and find your starting line…




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