Just a lovely Saturday morning on Jax Beach..

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  • When: 09/21/2019
  • QIC: Bloomer
  • The PAX: Sofa, Wrangler, Outhouse, FNG- Smurfette, Housekeeping (R), Bobber, Bada Bing, Wiseguy-- downrange, Papa Smurf (R*2), Jumanji, Show and Tell, Blowout, Surfer Girl, Check Please, Tone Deaf, Inside Out

Just a lovely Saturday morning at the beach. Perfect weather for a run to the beach, some relay races where it paid to be a winner (losing teams got some penalty exercises) and a nice mosey on back.  As always, the drivers on A1A had the best view with some monkey humpers at the light.
Appreciate the chance to lead such a fine group of men.
Theme of the day— Just do it.. 
Marcus Aurelius- Waste no more time talking about what a good man should be— be one.. 
15*SSH, Reacher, Michael Phelps-LBACs-Chinook
Merkin, Shoulder Taps, Peter Parkers.. 10 OYO.. 
Run to 1st stop: Merkins, LBCs, Diamond Merkins, Flutter Kicks, Wide Grip Merkins
Run to Light: Monkey Humpers 
Run to Beach
Count off into 4 groups
4 Corners, Flutter Kicks/LBCs/Supermans while teammates run to middle and do 10 merkins
Keep teams, Relay Races… 
Sprint to point, 10 burpees, sprint back.. While teammate is running— 10* Mountain Climbers, Jump Squats, Supermans.. Repeat till team is done
Wheel-barrel to point.. 10 flutter kicks.. Switch wheelbarrow.. While teammates are going- hand release merkins
Partner Carry to point, 10 LBCs, Partner Carry back.. While teammates are going— 15 LBCs/15 Supermans— rinse and repeat
Run back to Field.. 
Stop at light— Monkey Humpers..
Stop at parking lot— Merkins, LBCs, Diamond Merkins, Box Cutters..
Run back to field.. 
A little bro-ga.. and then Merkins, Flutter Kicks, Diamond Merkins, LBCs..
Finish with 5 Merkin, Shoulder Tap, Peter Parkers.. OYO..

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