Ask For Guidance.

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  • When: 09/23/2019
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: Mario(welcome from NC), MLK, Gump, Rudy, Pom Pom , McDreamy, Doink, Full Monty, Yard Sale, Aquaman, Outhouse,

Some of us came from the generation that required us to keep a stiff upper lip, brush it off, and rub dirt in it to make it better. Never show signs of weakness…so, we grow up trying to do everything ourselves…deep down we know that we should ask for guidance, but it is ingrained in us to do it on our own.

Life wasn’t meant to be done on an island…it is to be lived with others…and to be worked out(F3) with others.

12 men rolled out of bed to get their beatdown on at Badlands this morning  Mario drove all the way from North Carolina to see how the Badlanders drink their latte in the morning…the Q had to Q to keep from fartsacking on Monday’s and making excuses for his absence on Mondays …and with that, the Pax was off.


7 spider man stretches/Hello Dolly ic/ alternating shoulder taps ic/ The Reacher/ Abe Vigoda/ SSH/. Mosey around the lot karaoke/ backwards. Forwards/.

The Thang

Walk Like an Egyptian..Route 66 to football field…wall sit…Vacuum Cleaners with Partner…wall sit…mini Spartan …50 yard line 10 merkins.  5 burpees for mumble chatter about SQUEEGE…The Obama..from 50 yd line to speaker…Wall sit.  Route 66 with various exercises to the Outhouse …mosey home and around the lot and circle up for a small Ciabatta…

COT. BOM…Welcome Mario from Burlington NC…prayers for jobs and injuries and guidance for our children and our families. Always a privilege to be a part of a great group of men early in the morning…Papa Smurf

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