Better Late Than Never, But Better Never Late!

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  • When: 09-30-2019
  • QIC: Airbags
  • The PAX: Aquaman, Full Monty (R), Papa Smurf (RR), Gump, Copperhead, D Snaggle, Show & Tell, Wahoo, and Chewy (Welcome).

9 PAX joined QIC on a humid end of September morning looking for a great start to the work week? Hopefully that occurred!

• Michael Phelps (15)
• Hillbillies (15)
• Tempo Squats (15)
• Merkins (15)
• SSHs (15)
• LBCs (15)
• Mosey to Baseball field
• Fence Walk w/Partner (2 sections) Rinse and Repeat, Over fence. (Demonstration: Merkin position on top of fence while partner holding legs up. Walk with hands down 2 sections of fence. FM asked to repeat this, so we did!)
• Prisoner Squats (15), 1 minute Plank
• Mosey to Bear Crawl Hall
• Bear Crawl to first light, Lunge to bleachers
• Bleacher Monkey (1 at a time, Plank while waiting) (Rinse & Repeat) (Demonstration: Hang from top of fence on back of bleachers. Move while hanging to the other end of the bleachers without letting go. PS really enjoyed this one, so we repeated!)
• 50 LBCs, 1 minute Plank
• Wheel Barrow to first light, Choice, WB Partner 2 or Skaters out
• Mosey to Football Field parking lot
• 25 Merkins followed by 1 minute Plank
• 50 Flutter Kicks (each leg) followed by 1 minute Plank
• Mosey to Calf Raise Wall
• Calf Raises (25 each leg) Repeat each leg in Cadence
• 50 Flutter Kicks (each leg) followed by 1 minute Plank
• Mosey to Turf Field Lot
• Groiners (15)
• Box Cutters (15)
• Mosey back to flag, stopping for Merkins, BBSU’s and Merkins along the way.
• COT/Prayer Requests (Health, Parenting, Job Searches, etc.)
o The delayed occurrence or achievement of something that one desires is better than it not happening at all
o Doing something late is better than not doing it!

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