Deal with It

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  • When: 10/01/2019
  • QIC: Feud
  • The PAX: Gekko (r), Snuffleupagus (2r), Heisenberg, Pud, Toxic (2r), Spetum, Eileen (r), Jumanji, Farah & Farah (2r), Updraft (r), Pyro, 4-Points, D-Nice, Feud

14 HIM of F3Jax posted in the gloom of Anthill in great anticipation of a long-awaited Drone beatdown. Unfortunately, the wait would have to continue as he had to our hero attended to a sick child in the wee hours of the morning.  While he offered up his beatdown for us to follow, there were a few of us not comfortable using another man’s Weinke.  Fortunately, YHC listened to our Nantan and had a beatdown ready in his hip pocket… or was it up his sleeve? 


  • SSH x20 IC
  • Don Quixote x10 IC
  • LBAC forward/backwards x10 IC
  • BAC backwards/forwards x10 IC
  • Lunges x10 each leg OYO
  • Squats x10 IC

The Thang

Mosey to the playground for a six-pack pyramid of pull-ups and merkins, repeating at the top.

Mosey to the pavilion. 

Name one activity that goes well with a six-pack…. poker of course.  Now the Jax Pax has experienced the Deck of Death, but not like this.  YHC finally took the opportunity to breakout the officially sanctioned F3 Beatdown Deck of Death.  This is how we Christened the Deck:

  • Pax dealt 5 cards
  • Performed the prescribed exercise on card to the following # of reps
    • Card # +10
    • Face Cards = 25 reps
    • Ace = 100 reps
  • After completing all 5 exercises take a lap around the library
  • Pick 5 new cards once back to the pavilion and repeat
  • Continue until time called

Toxic was sharp in the gloom this morning. He quickly assessed that there would not be enough cards for each Pax to be dealt 5 cards, so a few Pax had to partner-up.


In life we must deal with the cards we are dealt. There are times when we dealt a great hand, then there are times we are dealt a bad one.  Having a good poker face (contentment? and knowing when to hold them, when to fold them… Ok, I won’t go any further) will not only help you through the rough times, it will give those you lead confidence through those rough times as well.  Getting through the rough times helps strengthen you for the next time. And how you handle bad times helps define your character.  Thank you for allowing me to lead you today!

Prayers/Announcements for:

  • Septum’s father, Steve, for successful back surgery today
  • God’s healing touch for Boucher, SOC
  • Thanksgiving and continued prayers for Wrong Way and making better choices
  • Pyro for upcoming presentation
  • Lord’s Prayer and Pledge

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