Opening Saturday at Hard Nocs

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  • When: 10/05/2019
  • QIC: Check Please
  • The PAX: McDreamy (Respect), Bada Bing, Bloomer, Full Monty (Respect), Sofa, Malware, Blowout, Saigon Sam (Respect), Nutshell

What a wonderful day for the opening of Saturday Hard Nocs. Not too hot, not too cold just right for a Saturday hour beat down. Q promised some basketball and pickle ball and the PAX delivered (sort of), more on that later. Thanks to everyone coming out and supporting the new AO in Nocatee, very proud to be a part of it.


Warm up

mosey a short lap around parking lot

the reacher

tempo prisoner squats

flutter kicks

arm circles


tempo merkins

hello dolly

toy soldier around flagpole


The Thang

Started out on a .5 mile mosey to the soccer fields stopping along the way to do 20 monkey humpers and 10 Bobby Hurley’s. At field perform 4 sets of suicides to cones. First suicide was 20 diamond merkins at first cone, 20 regular merkins at second cone, and 20 wide grip merkins at third cone. Second suicide perform 20 squats at each of three cones. Third suicide perform 20 LBC at each cone, and fourth suicide perform 20 mountain climbers at each cone. Mosey to playground and partner up with everyone performing 2 sets of 8 pull-ups and 15 bench dips. Mosey to field #2 and do the 4 corners. First corner perform 15 Michael Jordan’s, bear crawl to second cone and perform 15 big boy sit-ups, lunge to third cone and perform 15 Carolina dry docks, then finally bear crawl to last cone and perform 15 plank jacks. Now the fun begins. Run .5 mile back to basketball courts stopping once to perform seal jacks in cadence, except for McDreamy who had a difficult time staying in cadence. At basketball court take turns shooting free throws. Q found out we are all awful at free throws as only 2 of 10 people made a shot. Shout out to Bloomer and Nutshell for making their free throws and making the Q perform 3 burpees for each made shot. All others that missed we had to run the court and back. Next we moseyed to the mysterious pickle ball courts where of coarse we ran into the Nocatee pickle ball champion “Kodak” of coarse playing. I guess it seems he values pickle ball more than F3 and getting a workout in with his brothers but in all good fun he took some ribbing from the group. At the pickle ball courts we practiced our serving with each “in” serve causing the PAX to do 5 merkins and each “out” serve causing us to do 5 burpees. Q did not keep track of the ins or outs but it was about even so needless to say we also need some help on our pickle ball skills. Finish up with mosey back to the flagpole.

count o rama

name o rama


prayer requests

And Full Monty closing us in prayer

Thanks for all the support at Hard Nocs and we are off to a good start

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