Just Show Up. Again and Again.

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  • When: 10/08/2019
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: Blowout, wasted, chewy, deuce, McDreamy, outhouse, Wahoo, copperhead, airbags

“When I move out, I’m gonna stay up late and eat whatever I want”…that’s the moment that most of us lose our guardrails and our discipline…truth is, we can do whatever we want…but, that can put us in some very precarious places…eating too much, drinking too much, goofing off too much…all of these lead us back to the need for guardrails…and that’s what F3 provides…guardrails for men to become better men and leaders(no co-pay needed to get healthier).

Take Blowout for instance…he thinks so much of the Pax that he wants us to do more burpees to get better…so we did. He didn’t fartsack, he posted. Bravo .

10 men showed up for a different run day . The storage facility always brings back good memories for those who got to do the Airbags Q. Lucky Charms offered guidance to the Q and this is what happened.


15 SSH/ 15 DON QUIXOTE / 15 Reacher/10 flutter kicks.  10 burpees

Mosey to the storage unit.
FARTLEK’s. 2 laps at race pace. 20 merkins  plank for the six

1 lap gentle mosey. 20 merkins. Plank for the six (3 times)

Mosey halfway around the building karaoke backwards etc.

3 sprints.  50%/75%/100%. Walk to 210…

mosey to flag together as not to get hit by texting teenagers flying into the park in g lot.


prayers for traveling, for those suffering loss, injuries, and not being able to post.  Prayers to make the group grow and influence more men in the same way it has influenced us. Always a pleasure to lead a fine group of men.

Papa Smurf

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