Just do it….better

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  • When: 10/14/2019
  • QIC: Deuce
  • The PAX: Outhouse, Full Monty, Doink

3 pax joined the Q for an intimate moonlit beatdown.

The question of the day, When something requires action are you more likely to take care of it, think about it or do nothing?

warm up 10 each of the following: SSH, Hillbilly, the reacher, LBAC F&B, MP, 5 super Burpees

The thang

Mosey Lot 1

Bear Crawl Island 1, 1 SB, mosey back, Bear Crawl Island 1, 1 SB, lunge to Island 2, 2 SB, mosey back, Bear Crawl Island 1, 1SB, lunge Island 2, SB, Inch worm Island 3, 3SB, mosey back.

Mosey football field

partner up

Alternating Pyramid Sprints

5 total sprints cone 1 – 20y, merkins when resting

4 total sprints cone 2-40y, Squats when resting

3 total sprints cone 3-60y, FK when resting

2 total sprints cone 2-80y, SSH when resting

All sprint 1x cone 5-100y

Indian Run from ground, last pax hops over each pax until in front getting back on belly 50 yards. Lunge back 50 yards.

Mosey back to flag


5 SB,  10 each of the reacher, LBAC F&B, And MP

Message. St Francis of Assisi “The best criticism of the bad is the practice of the better.” Just go ahead and do it better. Don’t waste your Time trying to prove people wrong.


Prayers for finding employment, health and to be able to take action when called.

Thanks- Deuce

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