Who needs a LIFT?

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  • When: 10/23/2019
  • QIC: McDreamy
  • The PAX: Sandcrab, Boiler Maker, Papa Smurf

So…a picture perfect morning greeted 4 brave souls who were most eager for a little party at the pool. As evident below, YHC proudly found himself as the youngest member of the Quad. Not for his youth was he impressed…Nay, it was for the collective of BADASS elder statesmen in his midst. Those men were the 1% of the 1% who decided it was a perfect day to get better. And off we went…

Big Lap around skate park (past light house) with battle rope overhead rope to BB court

Warm up:

Seal jacks

Wonder bras

Chorus line (5 each oyo)


Birth Canals


Broad jump burpee to half court, crawl bear back… repeat to full court


Run with rope overhead…

To Skate park:

11s/ Jacobs ladder: CDDs and LBCs


Run with rope overhead…

To big steps…

Aiken legs (at big steps)

20 box jumps or step ups

20 gorilla humpers

20 prisoner squats

10 take no prisoners (knees to feet)

(Repeat x1)


Run with rope overhead to Pool:

Partner up

P1: ‘pool ups’ to 10 dips, repeat

P2: run to playground— 5 pull ups (flapjack)


P1: 30 flutters/ 30 LBCs/ 30 second side plank (your choice)

P2: to playground 5 pull ups


Run with rope overhead…

To field:

Sprints until we were gassed…


  1. Like the rope overhead, who needs a LIFT in your life today/ positive word? M? Kids? Work associates? DO IT TODAY…
  1. Surround yourself with people who LIFT YOU UP (positive influence).





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