Zombie Crawl and Wall O Death

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  • When: 10/30/19
  • QIC: Gizzard
  • The PAX: Detour, Duvall, GNC, Dollar Bill,

On this humid, swamp-like morning YHC arrived early, unable to sleep and looking forward to a pre-Halloween beat down. Joined by 4 other brave men ready and willing to do the wall o’ death and cones of discomfort in preparation for Halloween.
WARM-O-RAMA- SSH, Merkin, mountain climber, limp member Michael Phelps, LBAC-Forward/Backward
Mosey to field 2: Cones of death
5 cones 20 yards apart from goal line to opposite goal line:
Cone 1: Lunges
Cone 2: Zombie Crawl
Cone 3: Bear Crawl
Cone 4: Crawl Bear
Cone 5: Lunges
Mosey back to starting line

Exercise 2:
Wall of death
Partner up, P1 Balls to the wall, P2 mosey to cone 1 and back, then switch. Repeat to cone 2, then 3. Modified to wall chair for cone 4 and cone 5.
Exercise 3:
Keeping partners, P1 merkins, P2 run to 5th cone. Repeat to complete 100 merkins. Continue with 150 squats, and 200 LBCs in similar fashion.
Exercise 4
Bearway to Hell: Bear Crawl cone 1, 10 Merkins. Lunge cone 2, 8 merkins, bear crawl cone 3, 6 Merkins. Lunge cone 4, 4 Merkins, bear crawl cone 5, 2

Mosey stop at light pole, 5 burpees continue to flag in Indian run. Finish with LBCs, Michael Phelps to finish.
COT- Be sure to order your F3 shirts, reminder to stay up-to-date on Kraken. Prayers for those unsaid and said, DB 2.0 fighting an illness, YHC wife surgery recover to have emotional strength and patience after a month of bed rest.

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