Let’s see if we can get beyond 40% today!

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  • When: 11/2/2019
  • QIC: Saigon Sam & Dollar Bill
  • The PAX: Jessie Graff, Flo, GNC, Pullups, Wasted, Swag, Focker, Gizzard, Sofa, Bloomer, Bada, Check Please, Air Bags, Happy Feet, Malware and Welcome FNG’s Stiffler & Halftime

19 PAX got after it on a beautiful morning at the HardNocs AO!  YHC discussed David Goggin’s 40rule: “When your mind is telling you that you’re done, that you’re exhausted, that you cannot possibly go any further, you’re only actually 40% done.”  Let’s see if we can get beyond 40% today!

Warm Up:

  • Reacher (10)
  • Michael Phelps (10)
  • Toy soldier (10)
  • Side straddle hops (15)


Mosey to fields

  • In route – Carioca, Back pedal, Butt Kicks, Side Shuffle
  • At midpoint, Bobby Hurley’s (10X), Monkey Humpers (10X), Burpees (10X)

AMRAP Challenge 1 DORA (PAX team up count max reps, 3 rounds, 3 minutes each)

  • Lunge 25 yards out and back while partner does max plank jacks

Mumble chatter about this Marine’s Alternative Apple Music selection from Flo and Bloomer.  I agreed it was way to metrosexual for the mood and we made the switch over to classic rock for the PAX enjoyment.

  • Broad jump 25 yards out and back while partner does max boxer sit-ups.
  • Bear crawl 25 yards out and back while partner does max staggered merkins

Additional mumble chatter about the staggered merkins coupled with the bear crawls sucking.  I must admit they were brutal in a good way!

Check Please and Gizzard tallied the most reps were victorious!

  • Mosey to play ground for AMRAP Challenge 2 (instructed PAX to maintain teams but after some mumble chatter agreed they could switch if they didn’t like who they were with.)
  • Team circuit Max sets for 10 minutes of 5 pull-ups, 20 dips, 30 elevated cross body mountain climbers. 10 minutes was a long time and the elevated mountain climbers hurt!

SWAG & Bloomer claimed victory with the most sets combined!   SWAG is one strong little dude!

Mid-point message – “You’ll never realize how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.” Bob Marley

PAX completed an Indian Run back to the flag Dollar Bill took over the Q.

AMRAP Challenge 3:

  • 6 minutes max sets of the following – 5 burpees, 5 LBC’s, 5 squats, run up the stairs (this would be 1 set).
  • Count total sets and then see if we can collectively beat the number of sets for next 6 minutes.

Check Please, Stiffler and Bada Bing were the pace setters!  Everyone dug deep until the Dollar Bill rang the bell!


  • Count O Rama, Name O Rama, FNG naming.
  • Announcements – F2 next Wednesday lunch at 4 Rivers Smokehouse and beware…the Kraken is coming! Be on the look out on Slack for more info!


  • Mark 9:23 “if you can?” said Jesus “Everything is possible for one who believes”
  • Dollar Bill led us in prayer to close. Prayers for Gizzard’s wife’s recovery and for Flo & Stiffler’s job search.


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