Books, Bread, ideas, and Exercise are better Shared.

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  • When: 11/02/2019
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: Geiger(welcome), Balut, Biden, Lazy Boy(DR), McDreamy(R), Inside Out(R), O’Steen, Tone Deaf, Three Peat(R),Smurfette,

Seth Godin says that, “books, bread, and ideas are better shared.” And what the Q has found is that you can add exercise to that list as running alone no longer appears to be an acceptable exercise.

Florida-Georgia finally brought fall weather to the fields of Poseidon as 12 Pax showed up to share the gift of exercise. The music, which always seems to be a topic of mumble chatter, forced McDreamy to earn 10 Burpees for the crew because of his disdain for the vibe. Once completed, the Pax did a short mosey to and around the field and circled up…and Three Peat pulled an Inside Out so the Pax had 10 more burpees for tardiness.


SSH•20/DQ•15/ Alternating shoulder taps•20/The Reacher•10/MP•10/Flutter Kicks•20


Indian Run to hoops court..bear crawl Dora with partner.

mosey to tennis court…balls to the walls and wall sit 3 each •1 min

mosey to playground  partner and run  50 pull ups/75 box jumps/ 100 squats..mosey back to the field and do shuttle runs various lengths with exercise at the end…finish up with a Ciabatta with a bunch of flutter kicks and planks.

It was a great effort by all involved and everyone appeared to be gassed . It was a pleasure to workout with these men.

COT  BOM  Prayer requests were received  and asked for. Amen


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