Growth or Decay?

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  • When: 11/6/2019
  • QIC: McDreamy
  • The PAX: Full Monty, Dollar Bill, Aqua Man, Gravy, Slash, Copperhead, Yard Sale, Lazy Boy, AirBags

The earth is 4 billion years old… humans are 300,000 years old, and based on our evolutionary heritage as hunters/ gatherers, you are either growing or decaying. And the choice is yours to make daily.


Warm Up



Limp member

Flaccid Phelps

Imperial walker

Shinook squats

Birth Canal



Route 66 Beach Bodies— pop down to plank, groiner (up and back), merkin, surfee (pop up to surf stance) around track— clockwise 11 stops. Run between lights anyway but forwards…

Go at your pace— if two lights ahead, Wagon wheel


Loop back to first parking lot.


Dirty McDeuce

3 rounds—lap around inside of first parking lot (12 reps); Chest, Leg, Abs

Rd 1: CDD, Gorilla Humpers, V-Ups


Rd 2: diamond merkins, prisoner squat (slow and low), Side plank (slow 12 count hold)


Rd 3: high plank/ low

plank, mountain climbers, Crunchy frog


Tabata at field house

4 exercises 30/10

3 tabatas




Bobby Hurlies


To consession stand; pair up: Jail Break

P1 leaps fence, runs home while P1 does BTTW, flap jack

Rd 2: wall sit

Rd 3: plank




Read the book Younger Next Year (Chris Crowley). In it, you will fine 4 keys to life…

  1. Exercise vigorously 6x per week ( including weights 2x per week)
  2. Don’t eat crap
  3. Spend less than you make.
  4. Find someone’s AND somethings to care about

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