Who is Mott the Hoople?

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  • When: 11/09/2019
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: Inside Out, Tone Deaf, Three Peat, Show and Tell, Housekeeping

The temperature and the music were in the 60’s this morning. One of   “All the Young Dudes”confused English bands, comparing Mott the Hoople to Paul McCartney…like Sizzler to Chart House.

Inside Out kept looking over his shoulder to see who might be replacing him as a Burpee instigator and Three Peat made it out of his truck on time…so we began.


SSH…LBAC F/B Morrocan night club/ The Reacher/ Spider-Man stretch. Flutter kicks..

Mosey to Playground. Partner Up. 100 box jumps..50 pull ups..100 squats…partner b runs the playground. SOME FLUTTER KICKS AND MERKINS….

Mosey to the field.  Lt. Dan’s the width of the field..I forget the rest…mosey to the tennis court…balls to the walls and wall sit..

mosey back to field.  Vacuum cleaners.

different travel styles to midfield and back with flutter kicks, merkins, lbc’s…

finish up with bear crawls from the goal box to the18 with more flutter kicks and other exercises.

COT BOM. prayers for everyone in need

and grateful that we got to work out!!!

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