D D D Dora

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  • When: 11/09/19
  • The PAX: Septum, Synapse - DR, Toxic - DR, Boucher - R, Pud, Gekko - R, Jergens, Pyro, LIFO

It seems Fall has paid us a visit on nice Saturday morning at ANCHOR.  No one had signed up to Q for this earlier in the week, so YHC thought it was a great time to bring Dora for a visit.   YHC asked the PAX to bring a variety of coupons; rucks, plates, dumbells, cinder blocks, sandbags, whatever.

As we were headed to the field, Boucher asked if his fitbit would read ‘Sedentary’ after my Q. Most likely….yes.


The PAX made a circle with all the coupons, and then we stood by one, YHC was in the center.

  • Michael Phelps 10 IC
  • Don Q 10 IC

YHC joined the circle.

  • Grab a coupon, Raise the roof 3 IC, walk 3 coupons,counter clockwise, 3 IC, walk, 3, walk 3, 3 IC.
  • Grab a coupon, squats, 3 IC, walk 3 coupons counter clockwise, 3 IC, walk 3, 3 IC
  • Grab a coupon, flutter kicks, 5 IC, walk 3 coupons counter clockwise, 5 IC, walk 3, 5 IC

I did this so each PAX had a chance to use a variety of weights and a variety of types of coupons.


PAX lined up at the light post, all coupons lined up about 10 yards away.

Dora time! Modified.  No partners, no running.

  1. 100 merkins, every 10 bear crawl to a coupon, 10 curls, bear crawl back. Each time choose a different coupon.
  2. 200 squats, every 20 lunge walk to coupon, 10 calf raises, lunge walk back. Each time chose a different coupon.
  3. 300 LBC, every 30 inchworm to coupon, 10 BBSU, run back. Each time chose a different coupon.

That’s left time for just a few more.

  • Reacher 10 IC
  • 3 burpees


Naked moleskin :

  • Prayers to the young man’s family who passed suddenly.
  • SOC
  • Veterans
  • Veteran’s Day Convergence – Boondocks.
  • Trinity 11/15
  • Christmas Party 12/7.

My pleasure gentlemen. Until next time..


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