Armistice Day All Service Beat Down

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  • When: 11/11/2019
  • QIC: Flo, Blowout, Bloomer, Focker, Saigon Sam
  • The PAX: McDreamy, Pull-ups, Lazy Boy, Gravy, Outhouse, GNC, Wasted, Check Please, Dollar Bill, Full Monty, Slash, Sofa, Deuce, Airbags

Happy Veterans Day!!!!


Several of the Hard Nocs / Badlands Veterans collaborated for the first ever All’s revives beatdown. Representatives from the US Army, Navy, and Marine Corps participated while USAF did what they do best……

20 Pax joined in the fun……




SSH x25

IC Merkins x 25

Michael Phelps x 25

Hillbilly x 25

Cadence run (Flo)

Blowout Lead

Burpee / island run x3

Battle Buddies – 250 Seal Jax / Sprints

Cadence Run – Flo

Bloomer Lead

25 IC Merkins

25 IC Flutter Kicks

25 IC Air pull-ups

25 IC LBCs

Bear Crawl Alley (100 meter Bear Crawl)

Focker Lead

25 IC Heals to Heaven

15 Battle Buddy Squats


Cadence Run – Saigon Sam

Machine Gun Drills

each team secures a cinder block, 1 partner co lime tea manmakers while other parents sprints a parking lot lap – switch, repeat with goblet squats, third round with merkins


Count o Rama

Name O Rama


F3 Winter Party


Remember why we celebrate today, teach the next generation to do the same.




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