Monday Core and Coupon Pre-Thanksgiving Workout

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  • When: 11/25/2019
  • QIC: Bloomer
  • The PAX: McDreamy (R), Full Monty (R), Lazy Boy (R*2), Sofa, Wasted, Gravy, Seinfeld, Airbags (R), Snaggle, Aquaman, Coyote Ugly, Drink, Outhouse

14 HIM braved the mid 40 degree temps to get after it on a Monday morning.  My Apple Watch showed an average heart rate of 153– good turkey/pie burning heart rate!

Snaggle showed up and Show and Tell wasn’t there– gotta wonder if these two broke up?  Welcome to Coyote Ugly– came out Saturday at 0700– 0530 on a Monday is a lot earlier and colder. Way to get after it brother– look forward to working out with you ITG some more. Welcome back to Seinfeld.

Warmup: SSH, Reacher, Michael Phelps.. with Merkins between each exercise..

Ab Blaster (you’ll see this a few times): LBC, Superman, Hello Dolly, Swimmers, Flutter Kicks, Air Pullups, Heels to Heaven

Ab Blaster again..

Partnered up and grabbed coupons– over to 2nd parking lot..

Ab Blaster.. again..

Doras: 100 Shoulder presses, 50 Man Makers, 100 Goblet Squats while partner ran to 2nd island and back..

Ab Blaster.. again..

Modified Dora: 50 LBCs, 50 Flutter Kicks, 50 Hello Dollies.. Meanwhile– partner did inchworm pushups to the first island with the coupon.  Those inchworms kinda sucked..

Ab blaster.. again..

Run back to circle with coupon..

Ab blaster.. again..

Finished with some merkins..

Great work gents– always an honor and privilege to lead.

Announcements: The Kraken.. Coming up, start training..

Christmas Party..

Thanksgiving– plenty of offers to take in anyone that is looking for a place to go.

Prayers: Travel, troops overseas, some health issues..

Message: All of us is stronger than one of us.. Don’t suffer in silence and lean on your brothers when you need to.

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