Thanksgiving week Audible

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  • When: 11/23/19
  • QIC: Sofa
  • The PAX: Airbags (R), Pull Ups, Wasted, FNG Coyote Ugly, Saigon Sam (R), Check Please, Bada Bing, Swag

Warm-up (15 of each)

-Side-straddle hops

-Michael Phelps



-Flutter kicks

-Little baby arm circles forward

-The Reacher



 The Thang

-Mosey to the parking lot by Spray. Wheel of Merkins in cadence.

-20 Staggered left/20 Staggered Right/20 Wide grip merkin/20 Regular merkin

-Attempt to Indian Run to soccer fields by the playground but turnaround due to too much smoke from a fire in the woods! Audible time…

-Mosey to stage near Spray

-Wall work

-Balls to the wall 30 seconds/Wall sit 30 seconds/Crazy Indian (BTTW) run to the end and get in BTTW position, next goes/Dirty Hookup (in cadence – 4 count) right hand up/left hand up/right hand down/left hand down

 -Mosey to find my 2.0, 9 year old Swag, who was sent to get cones from originally planned Q then return to field by Spray. Divide into 4 groups and each group starts at a different station.

-#1: 20 Merkins then karaoke left to #2/#2: 20 Big Boy sit ups then run backwards to #3/#3: 25 Supermans then butt kickers to #4/#4: 20 Bobby Hurleys then karaoke right to #1/#1 (2nd time): 20 Monkey Humpers then high knees to #2/#2 (2nd time): 20 Merkins then lunge to #3/#3 (2nd time): 25 LBCs then bear crawl to #4/#4 (2nd time): 15 burpees then mosey to #1

-Plank for the six then flip cards to complete 2nd round of stations

-#1 (3rd time): 20 flutter kicks then mosey to #2/#2 (3rd time): 20 Mountain Climbers then mosey to #3/#3 (3rd time): 20 Merkins then mosey to #4/#4 (3rd time): 20 LBCs then mosey to #1/#1 (4th time): 20 squats then mosey to #2/#2 (4th time): 25 side straddle hops then mosey to #3/#3 (4th time): 20 Merkins then mosey to #4/#4 (4th time): 10 Burpees then mosey to #1

-Ultimate Football (burpees for turnovers/scoring team assigns workouts to other team) then mosey back to circle for COT

-Welcome FNG CoyoteUgly!

-Message: Thanksgiving week: thankful for the men in the group for pushing each other every day to be better.

-Prayer requests: Coyote’s son JJ adjusting to new life with his new family, embracing a positive future.

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