Check Your Blind Spots

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  • When: 12/03/2019
  • QIC: Pyro
  • The PAX: D-Nice, Jumanji, Feud, Toxic (Double Respect), PUD, Gekko (Respect), Bernie 4 Points, Pyro, Drone, Charmin

10 Jax Pax emerged into this brisk 31-degree gloom for YHC to knock off some rust and Q an ANTHILL beatdown. Some mumblechatter about leaving the warmth of the fartsack and the heat blowing from their SUVs. 

Best headlock was from Gekko as he charged D-Nice with the shovelflag from ANCHOR. 

Shovelflag planted & disclaimer given.

10 Burpees OYO for the inevitable TRAIN

Warm up mosey around the park then to the parking lot in front of the tennis courts for COP

  • Imperial Walkers IC x 12 DNR *do no recover
  • Hillbillies IC x 12 DNR
  • Prisoner Squats IC x 12 
  • Mountain Climbers IC x 12 DNR
  • Plank Jacks IC x 12 DNR
  • Tempo Merkin IC x 12
  • Circle Burp and welcome Drone (late arrival)

Mosey to the library ramp/rail

  • Bear Crawl the sidewalk
  • Rail Slide the ramp
  • Wall Sit for the 6
  • Overhead Claps IC x 12

Bolt 45s

  • 15 top 1/2 squats
  • 15 bottom 1/2 squats
  • 15 full range jump squats

Mosey over for C2C *Curb 2 Curb … pax starting to really warm up as layers started to shed

  • Rounds of 10-8-6-4-2
  • Curb #1 – Donkey Kicks
  • Pax Pick their mode of travel — Broad Jump / Bunny Hop / Lunge Walk / Crab Walk
  • Curb #2 – Monkey Humpers
  • Crawl Bear back to Curb #1
  • Repeato

TRAIN – TRAIN – TRAIN – TRAIN – TRAIN … good thing we already did our burpees!

Mosey to the field

  • Pax line up head-to-toe in Plank
  • Indian Bear Crawl for 3 complete rounds to the pavilion

Partner Up for W.A.S.H.

  • Rounds of 50-100-150-200
  • Werkins (Hand Release)
  • American Hammers
  • Step-Ups
  • Hip Thrusters

Stay in your pairs for Catch Me If You Can

  • Partner #1 does 10 Merkins while Partner #2 runs backward, Partner #1 catches #2 and switch
  • Run this around the park & library parking lot back to the flag
  • 10 Burpee Penalty OYO … in honor of Drone’s late arrival

*Pax found out that D-Nice is one of the fastest backwards runners we know!

A few minutes of Mary

  • LBCs IC x 12
  • Birth Canal IC x 12

Naked Moleskin / COT:

YHC spoke about how his 2.0 was recently in town for the thanksgiving holiday and drove his vehicle and wasn’t use to the blind spots. Such is life – certain environments and situations put you in a position to see those “blind spots”. F3 has helped YHC to identify those areas and to “see” into the blind spots. Reach out to a brother. Someone you haven’t seen in awhile. Invite them back out. Better yet go and pick them up. You’ll both be better because of it!

F3 Christmas Party is this Saturday! Check out Slack for more deets!

Continued prayers for SOC, LIFO’s recovery, and others on IR.

Honored & Privileged,

Peace Out — Pyro!



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