12 Days of Christmas Pain

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  • When: 12/07/2019
  • QIC: Doink
  • The PAX: Tazz, FarahandFarah (DR), Scholls, Feud, FNG-Weedeater, Extinguisher, Culpeper (R), FNG-Spitz (R), Updraft (R), Twister, Fifty Cent, Fixit, Butcher,

14 Pax (including 2 FNGs) posted in the crisp Florida ‘gloom’ (it wasn’t really all that gloomy to be honest) — coupons were requested because YHC had planned a very simple, rather easy 12 Days of Christmas-style beatdown.


“Circle Up” Called

Disclaimers given (not a pro, modify as needed, F3 Mission and Core Principles explained) and CoP started:

Warm Up:

All IC unless specified:

  • 12 burpees OYO
  • Michael Phelps x12
  • SSH x12
  • LBACF/B x12
  • Reacher x12
  • Squats x12
  • Merkins x12

The Thang:

Mosey to football field with coupons meet at goal line

Music started playing and we began.

Workout was as follows—1st round do 1st exercise, 2nd round do 2nd exercise+1st exercise, then 3rd exercise+2nd exercise+1st exercise…on down to the 12th day of Painmas…you get the gist

On the first day of Painmas, the True Q gave to the Pax

1 x 200 yard sprint

2 x Manmakers

3 x Kraken Burpees (instead of merkin, 3 HR merkins per burpee)

4 x Block jump over burpees

5 x Coupon/KB swings

6 x Coupon overhead press

7 x Goblet squats

8 x American Hammers

9 x Wonderbras (modify w/o coupon)

10 x Incline block merkins

11 x Coupon thrusters

12 x Coupon overhead crunch

This was enough to fill up the whole time—unfortunately the other gifts I brought were left unopened…

For those scoring at home we completed:

  • 2400 yards (1.36 miles)
  • 22 manmakers
  • 30 Kraken burpees (30 burpees + 90 HR merkins)
  • 36 Block jump over burpees
  • 40 KB swings
  • 42 Coupon overhead press
  • 42 Goblet squats
  • 40 American hammers
  • 36 Wonderbras
  • 30 Incline block merkins
  • 22 Coupon thrusters
  • 12 Coupon overhead crunch

Mosey back to flag—but we weren’t finished yet: 25 burpees in honor of Christmas (and punishment for 2 Pax showing up late!)

Count-a-rama, Name-a-rama, and FNG naming (Welcome Weedeater and Spitz!)

Announcements and Prayer Requests: F3 Christmas party today, Kraken CSAUP, Tazz explained Shield LOCC, prayers for health and avoiding sickness, and any unspoken prayers. Finished with Pledge of Allegiance.

Updraft apparently really enjoyed the music selection for today, so with that in mind: if you’re interested it was courtesy of the Silly Christmas Playlist on Amazon Music

Thank you for the opportunity to lead and sweat with you HIM today!


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