If you want something you’ve never had…

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  • When: 12/12/19
  • QIC: McDreamy
  • The PAX: Full Monty, Air Bags, Gump, Seinfeld, Dollar Bill, Copper Head, Duck, Deuce, Check Please, Outhouse, Wasted, Happy Feet, Focker, Bloomer

15 pax united in the whipping, gloomy winds of Davis Park. The mumblechatter was well underway when YHC graced the parking lot at 0529. Several jabs at his tardiness were levied and poorly received. Moral of the story…Don’t Poke The Bear…

YHC then asked the group to ponder how to obtain something they’ve never had. To no surprise, dumbfounded expressions followed. Shortly thereafter, the herd launched downrange to the Atlantic Springs parking lot.

Warm up

  • Chinook squat
  • Wonder bra
  • Birth canal

We then went around the circle and asked each man to name one of the 5 core values. Four out of 5 were correct– which only counts if you’re a dentist… resulting in a 10 burpee penalty.

New exercise: Blackhawk Down– side plank, with other hand high in the air– run in a circle…5x each side. It was a big hit. Trust me…

Pyramid of Death

  • Pair up— someone of different ability
  • After the first lap around the parking lot running in different directions, both men do 25 regular merkins.
  • After the second lap, escalate by adding 25 LBCs each.
  • Add an exercise for each round up to the 5th lap
  • On the 6th lap, deescalate and drop the merkins (only doing 4 exercises @ 25 reps each)
  • By lap 9—only doing 25 squats
  • Lap 10 is a victory lap

Lap 1 Merkins

Lap 2 Merkins/LBCs

Lap 3 Merkins/LBCs/Mountain Climbers

Lap 4 Merkins/ LBCs/Mountain Climbers/ Air Jordans

Lap 5 Merkins/ LBCs/Mountain Climbers/ Air Jordans/ Prisoner squats

Lap 6 LBCs/Mountain Climbers/ Air Jordans/ Prisoner squats

Lap 7 Mountain Climbers/ Air Jordans/ Prisoner squats

Lap 8 Air Jordans/ Prisoner squats

Lap 9 Prisoner Squats

Lap 10 Victory Lap

Mosey back to DP…Indian style, with a little Catch me If You Can tossed in for good measure..


BOM: The answer to the question; If you want something you’ve never had, you must do something you’ve never done…

This means risk taking, discipline and prioritization (what is worth obtaining in your life? Better marriage? Better relationships?). What are you willing to do for these things?

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