Grind Away, Grind Away, Grind Away All!

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  • When: 12/16/2019
  • QIC: Slash
  • The PAX: Copperhead, Terminator, Full Monty (respect), Outhouse, Yard Sale (respect), Seinfeld, Gravy, Biscuit, Dollar Bill (much respect for coming out with a severe case of the sniffles), Gump, Gizzard

YHC awoke. Time check: 2am. Bladder check: Borderline, and trending the wrong way. After a quick porcelain pit stop, YHC returned to bed, feeling like crap. His physical affliction of the last several weeks had not abated, and he wondered how he would Q this morning. You see, when YHC gets the sniffles, it’s unimaginably bad – something that his M, after 30+ years of marriage, still doesn’t seem to fully appreciate. Be that as it may… YHC drifted off to sleep… Alarm! 4:55am! YHC coughed and glanced over at his M, who was – somehow – managing to unsympathetically sleep through his coughing spasm.

Full candor: If he wasn’t Q’ing, YHC would have fartsacked. But with his brothers to hold him accountable, YHC made his way to Davis Park and cued up the Q. He was reminded of Tiger Woods, who, when he is not on his A game, will talk about how he “grinds” through the golf course and still posts a respectable finish. YHC isn’t sure how respectable he was this morning, but this was a grind day – just move, just get it done. We all have those days, and it’s important to push ourselves through them, instead of, figuratively speaking, fartsacking through our jobs or our important relationships. And here’s the power of F3 – YHC left Davis Park feeling pretty good! Thank you for lifting me up this morning, gentlemen (and Outhouse).

Side note #1: Dollar Bill is a grinder! Like YHC, DB is besieged by a devastating upper respiratory attack. The two of us have been hit particularly hard, and after Googling around a bit, I now know why – extensive scientific research has unequivocally proven that the more shredded one’s physique is, the greater the severity of the sniffles. It’s true. You can ask any respected physician or, if they’re busy, call McDreamy. But better just to take my word for it. Trust me.

Side note #2: After Full Monty’s melodic bludgeoning of Andy Williams’ holiday semi-classic “Holiday Season,” YHC vows that he will always have music at his Q’s. That was heartless, FM. But effective.

Side note #3: Great to see our boy Yard Sale back out at it! Good work out there, bud! Still missing Squeege…

Onto the workout…

SSHs, Mountain Climbers, Merkins, Hillbillies, am I missing something, I think so but can’t remember, maybe the reacher…
Everyone grab a cinder block and sashay – that’s right, sashay – over to the road.

Catch Me If You Can
We have an even number Pax today! Whoo hoo! That puts catch me if you can into play, one of YHC’s favorite exercises. P1 grabs his cinder block and his partner’s and begins walking. P2 knocks out 5 burpees and 10 LBCs, then runs to catch P1. Switch. Repeat down to far opening of the second parking lot.

In the parking lot. 5 manmakers, run to first island, do 10 monkey humpers. Return to coupon, do 10 manmakers. Run to second island, do 15 MH, return to coupon for 15 manmakers. Third island, 20 humpers, run back to coupon.

Core work
30 seconds on, 10 seconds break, repeat 2x
• Plank jacks
• LBCs – coupon overhead optional.
• Side plank right leg raise
• Side plank left leg raise – YHC REALLY needs to do more of these, holy cow…
• Mountain climbers
• Feet to Heaven (thank you, ‘House, for the proper name of this)
• One-legged bridges right foot on block, left extended
• One-legged bridges left foot on block, right extended
• Forearm plank
• Double-leg hip bridge

More Dora (Mora?)
Holding cinder block chest high, knock out 10 squats. Run to first island, 10 merkins. Return for 10 more squats. Run to second island for 20 merkins. Return for 10 more squats. Run to third island for 30 merkins, return.

Walk back to flag curling the coupons. (Lotta talk about Chicago sports teams. Let me sum it up: “Wait till next year.” 😊)

Kraken reminder. Copperhead raised the question of the ability to order shirts? Sounds doable. Good number of prayer requests with a lot of people dealing with some tough situations out there; we pray for them and unspoken needs as well. Always a pleasure to serve.

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