Merry Christmas!

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  • When: 12/25/2019
  • QIC: Gravy
  • The PAX: Saigon Sam (R), Check Please, Dollar Bill, McDreamy (R), Snaggle, Son of Sam

7 PAX showed up at Davis Park for a beatdown before a day filled with fun and family. YHC was honored to Q on Christmas. Christmas is an amazing time when we consider all Jesus did for us in becoming human. I am super grateful for that so YHC was in a very giving mood today. Disclaimer given and we were off.

SSH x 12 (IC)
Reacher x 12 (IC)
1 Burpee
Michael Phelps x 12 (IC)
Arm Circles forward and backwards x 12 (IC)
1 Burpee

The Thang

In a nod to the greatest Reindeer of all and his place on the Sleigh, we took turns being Rudolph as we moseyed to the turf field. (This exercise is otherwise known as an Indian Run on non Christmas beatdowns).

– As promised, each PAX was given a gift. We paired up in teams and did the following:
– PAX 1 ran to the 50 yard line and back
– PAX 2 exercised.
– Exercises completed as a team: Gorilla Humpers (100), Iron Mikes (150), Flutter Kicks (200), Taps (Aka alternating shoulder taps) 250.
– Several requests were made to return the GIFT, but YHC didn’t keep the receipt.

– We did 4 rounds of 12/25s. We started at 1 sideline and completed 12 exercises. We then ran to the other sideline and did 25 exercises. We did 4 rounds.
1. 12 Burpees, 25 Prisoner Squats
2. 12 Burpees, 25 Merkins
3. 12 Burpees, 25 Monkey Humpers
4. 12 Burpees, 25 Flutter Kicks
(The 48 Burpees would have drove YHC crazy, so now you see why we did 2 in the warm-up)

Mosey to Baseball Parking Lot

Burnouts- To avoid the Christmas Burnout, we did 3 burnout exercises to end the day.
1. Bearcrawl to each island, 20 merkins at each island. This was tough.
2. Skip to each island, 20 flutter kicks at each island.
3. Deep walking lunges to each island, 20 squats at each island.

Message was simple- Merry Christmas! Don’t lose sight of the true meaning of Christmas. Be thankful for the gifts God has given us. F3 is one of those gifts.

Honor to lead!

Gravy out!

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