What Will You Change?

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  • When: 12/28/2019
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: Inside Out(R), Housekeeping(R), Tone Deaf, Seat Down

5 Pax who were not confused by the days of the week this holiday season posted at Poseidon for a post Christmas and Pre New Years adventure .

The Q has been experimenting with some new exercises and today was just another example of having a great set of exercises to choose from.

Poseidon seems to bring out the tardiness gene and today was no exception; although the burpees sucked, it was really nice to have Seat Down in the mix.

Change means doing things that we aren’t comfortable doing, so we did just that

Warm Up

Warm up: on your six

LBC’s IC/hello dollys IC/ Flutter Kicks IC/ AST IC/MT CLIMBERS IC/ Spider-Man stretch OYO/DON Q IC/ Reacher IC/ SSHIC/ 


Mosey toward the skate park  adjust music to 90’s grunge

The But Kis.  Along a curb. 1 Min on 1 min off x2

Walls of Jericho:  7 laps 7 exercises 7 reps : burpees, squats, imperial walkers, flutter kicks. Big boy sit ups , merkins, plank jacks

Wonderbra..seated air chair plus up and out

20 step ups on the skate park bench.
Twinkle toes( air chair with calf raises)

Mosey back to park

karaoke width of field and back

run backwards width of field and back

one leg hop width of field and back

lunge width of field and back

Wave of merkins:  circle up  1 merkin up to 10 while other Pax planks.

Toy soldier to midfield and back

cut a flip to finish.

COT BOM  prayers for those confused by the days of the week, for those who are sick and in need of healing, and for the growth of the group. Thank God for good weather and the ability to work out this morning .
always a pleasure to lead on a wet and gloomy morning .  PS


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