The Empty Page…

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  • When: 1/1/20
  • QIC: McDreamy
  • The PAX: Deuce, Seinfeld, Papa Smurf, Bloomer, Sofa, House Keeping, Stump Knocker, Blow Out, Saigon Sam, Flo, Wasted, Focker, Pull Ups

14 (mostly) sober souls greeted YHC in the nippy Jax Beach morn. There was mournful talk of excessive bourbon and sausage balls. YHC reminded the Pax that today was the first page of our 365-page novel. The page is empty. And no one has the right to write in our page except us (and to those we give permission). Curious expressions were witnessed as the group quickly returned to the sausage ball conundrum. With that, we were off…


Half lap mosey


Warm up (10- 20 of each…)



Tempo prisoner squat

Peter Parker

Parker Peter

Down Dog calf stretch



  1. “Resolution” (plank/ groiner/ merkin, burp/up)— we made our way around the track, stopping at various locations, adding 1 rep at each stop. Final count was 9 stops (45 reps)


To south end of field


  1. “1/1/20” 1 burpee/ 1 prisoner squat/ 20 BBSU at each of 10 cones in the big field. Bear crawl to each.


To bb court


  1. “2020 Partner Suicides” P1 does 20 ssh/ 20 mc. P2 does suicide to foul line, midcourt, other foul line, other baseline, then flapjack

Rd2 is plank jack and Air Jordan

Rd 3 is seal jack and prisoner squats


To playground


  1. Tabata

4 exercises 40/10

3 tabatas




Bobby Hurlies


To big field


  1. “Happy New Years” Hallelujah (hands in the air) FRBLs for 5 minutes



80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by the second week of February— #1 reason is lack of accountability and community support.


Today is the first page of your 365 page novel. You wrote well today. How will your novel read this year? Who will help you write it?


Peace Out



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