Biscuit and Gravy at HardNocs

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  • When: 01/25/2020
  • QIC: Biscuit and Gravy
  • The PAX: Triple Play, Malware, Dollar Bill, Mr. Hyde, Wasted, Airbags (respect), Bloomer, Flo, Check Please, Coldfeet, FNG Porkchop

We have all heard it said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That truth was not lost today for 13 (1 FNG!) men who descended upon HardNocs this foggy Saturday morning. The Cummings brothers worked together to provide the PAX with a healthy serving of Biscuit and Gravy. When all was said and done, YHC believes the PAX would have preferred an actual biscuit and gravy over the beatdown. 3 PAX rucked before the beatdown, love he momentum with pre-HardNocs rucking! The disclaimer was given and we were off.

Theme of the day: You can’t control what life throws at you, but you can control how you respond and get after it.

First 30 minutes- Biscuit

SSH x 15 IC
Reacher x 15 IC
Mountain Climbers x 15 IC
Michael Phelps x 15 IC
Hilbillies x 15 IC
Limp Member OYO (always OYO)

The Thang

Merkin Merry Go Around:
– In plank position, on the Qs call 5 merkins. Do not recover.
– Rotate to the spot that was occupied by the PAX on your right.
– Rinse and Repeat 8 times.

Mosey to field with stage.

Cora (Core specific Dora)
– PAX 1- Run to the Stage and back.
– PAX 2- Exercise
– As a team 100 Big Boy Sit UPs, 200 Freddie Mercury, 300 LBCS

Theme in practice:
– Q asked 4 PAX to choose exercises. Regardless of what PAX chose, the Q threw a curveball.
– 1 Pax runs to stage while rest of PAX performs Burpees until runner returns. Rinse and repeat 3 times.
– 1 Pax runs to stage while rest of PAX peform Lindsay Lohan.

Gravy- 30 minutes

Mosey back to Flag.

Cones of Agony set up around flag. Each cone had 4 exercises on it. We did 4 rounds. 30 reps unless otherwise noted.
– Between Cone 1 and 2: BearCrawl. Between cone 2 and 3: Lunge. Between Cone 3 and 4: Crawl Bear. After Cone 4, run up and down the stairs and do 5 burpees. Back to Cone 1.
– Cone 1: Rd 1- Merkins, Rd 2- Wide Merkins, Rd 3- Stagger Left Merkins Rd 4- Stagger Right Merkins
– Cone 2: Rd 1- Squats, Rd 2- Monkey Humpers, Rd 3- Iron Mikes (Count each leg), Rd 4- No surrender (audible to 15 reps)
– Cone 3: Rd 1- Flutter kicks (count one leg), Rd 2- LBCs, Rd 3- Hello Dolly, Rd 4- Heels to Heaven
– Cone 4: Rd 1- Alternating Shoulder Taps, Rd 2- Plank Jacks, Rd 3- Mountain Climbers (count one leg), Rd 4- Groners

Cool Down:
SSH x 10 IC
Reacher x 10 IC
Hilbilly x 10 IC
Michael Phelps x 10 IC
5 Merkins

COT: Welcome FNG Kevin who will forever be known as Pork chop. 2nd F- Spartan race and River Run coming up. A lunch possibly this week. Keep an eye on slack. Prayer requests were heard, and prayers were offered.

We had a great time leading. Biscuit and Gravy out!

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