Duck of Different Feather: 1,000 Rep Challenge

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  • When: 02/06/2020
  • QIC: Duck
  • The PAX: Gadget, Focker, OutHouse, Air Bags, Gravy, Wasted, MayDay, Check Please, McDreamy, Dollar Bill, Snaggle, Squuege, Yard Sale, Sofa, Copperhead,

2-man team 1,000 Rep Challenge
Mosey to baseball field parking lot with blocks, Man Makers x 3 each; running in place
Warm Up: SSH, Michael Phelps, Windmill, Merkins, Star Jumps

Dora 1: 100 Chest Press per team; sprint up and back
Dora 2: 100 Squats; Bear Crawl up, Crawl Bear back
Dora 3: 100 Triceps; Karaoke up and back
Dora 4: 100 American Hammer (1/2 rep each side); backward jog up and back
Dora 5: 100 Squat Press; Karaoke to  up and back
Dora 6: 100 Curls: Lunges up and back
Dora 7: 100 Big Boy Sit Ups; sprint up and back
Dora 8: 100 Kettle Swings; Bear Crawl Up, Crawl Bear back
Dora 9: 100 Dead Lifts; Skip up and back
Mosey to Circle 100 reps per team OYO
Alternative Dora:  jump rope- 25 jump rope sets until 100 reps completed

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