BroTastic Lent Challenge started with Burpee Marathon…plus some other exercises mixed in

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  • When: 02/26/2020
  • QIC: Wasted
  • The PAX: Bada Bing, Gravy, Dollar Bill, Doink, Bloomer, Sofa, Deuce, Terminator

Wednesday morning 530am 1st day of Lent, Goodlands site in David Park, 9 men met up for the BroTastic Lent Challenge to participate in a free, a volunteer peer led work out on a gloomy and wet but not raining climate, and test their endurance, strenght, cardio, and Burpee skills on the Burpee Marathon.

Message today is …it is the Brotastic workout for 1st day of lent!  work on body but also work on mind and spirit cause you are here and in the 10% unlike the fartsackers of the world.

1. Side-straddle hops
2. Michael Phelps
3. The Merkin 25
4. The Hillbilly
5. LBCs
6 10 burpees
7. shoulder taps

The Thang:
at each light, 8 in total x 2 = 16 stations, rotated excercises between:
– burpees (10 each time)
– shoulder taps /plank 1 or 2 mins or song
– merkins
– abs:  LBC’s, flutter kicks, heels to heaven, 6 inches/12 inches, dolly’s, big boy sit ups

Cooldown at flag circle with limp member OYO, some merkins, and 10 more burpees to take it up 10%

The Count for the workout (as audited by the accounting firm of GRAVY & GRAVY): 90 burpees, 60 merkins, 75 LBC’s 25 big boy sit ups, 75 shoulder taps

Prayer requests

plan:  to work on internal self during lent the next 40 days, opportunity to examine our lives, give struggles to God, and result in being a better man and version of yourself at end

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