Duck Soup

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  • When: 03/05/2020
  • QIC: Duck
  • The PAX: Shirley, Gizzard, Gadget, Wahoo, Black Out, Cold Feet, Dollar Bill, Outhouse, Long Board, Papa Smurf

Warm Up: SSH x 9, Baby Arm circles x 9 each way, Michael Phelps x 9, Reacher x 9, Mountain Climber x 9

Mosey long route to BB Field with Lunges from 1st Pole to 2nd pole.

BB Field = exercise at each field position.  infield = prisoner squats at 1b, jump squats at 2nd base, Pick ups at 3b, Bobby Hurleys at SS, carolina dry docks at LF, hand release merkin at CF, diamond merkin at RF, switch climbers at pitchers mound.  Run to position, perform exercise, and run back to home plate for burpees.


Round 1 = 9 reps per position, 3 burpees each trip to home plate.  Round 2 = 6 reps each position and 2 burpees at home plate.  Round 3 = 3 reps and 1 burpees at home plate, modified round 3 due to time.  In between rounds AB exercises: flutter kicks IC, American hammer OYO, Freddy Mercury IC, Big boy sit ups OYO.  Same reps as BB field rounds.

Mosey back to COT.



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