Stepping Up and Stepping Out!

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  • When: 03/11/2020
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: Inside Out(R), Outhouse, Ginger

A crystal clear morning welcomed the 4 Pax attending Pool Party. With little to review, the fun began…One Q couldn’t so another one did. That’s what F3 teaches you do do

Warm up: SSH/MP/Reacher/Hello Dolly/Mt  .climbers/ Grady corn

THE THANG(not necessarily in this order but all completed)

Jody Meeks : 56 LBC’s/run to midfield 56 squats/ run to end 56 lunges run to midfield 56 flutter kicks:

Mosey to Playground:

10 Wooly Worm/10 merkins..switch partners.Run a lap all around the  park. Rinse And repeat 

San Antonio shuffle. Left lunge right lunge burpee plank jack

She hate me. 10 lunges 10 burps(no push ups) 10 merkins

karaoke back and forth  3 sprints 50/75/AYG. Mosey around the park and back to the flag.

lots of prayers  COT BOM  . Always enjoy leading a good group of men early in the morning



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