Saturday Tour- picked up an FNG on the way!

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  • When: 03/14/2020
  • QIC: Bloomer
  • The PAX: Sofa, Bada Bing, Wasted, Flo, Shirley R, Saigon Sam R, Blackout R, Odd Job (FNG- TRIPLE R)

YHC went out a little pre-ruck with Saigon & Sofa to drop off some cards around Town Center. After a little warmup, we moseyed.. forgive me for not going into detail on the beatdowns- I have to go retrieve the cards.. oh yeah, fartsacking has consequences …

Stopped at Primrose for a full body beatdown…

A mosey across from Dunkin for another beatdown…

Up to Siena neighborhood where we picked up an FNG- running alone is boring so he joined us for the rest of the workout.  Another beatdown..

Moseyed to Pullups place- looked like a tough night for him with an open car window.. Some pickle pounders & monkey humpers..

Moseyed to our leader’s house where it looked like an even tougher night- fire pit, open garage, lights on.. some pickle pounders, merkins & gorilla humpers..

Off we went back home with 5 more stops for beatdowns.. Hopefully the drive over the ditch was worth it for Blackout..

Prayers to everyone as we weather the next few weeks. Specific prayers to Shirley’s neighbor for their loved one.. Safe travels to those out there away from home. Welcome to Odd Job- great to have you!!

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