Spring Break Parking Lot Stations

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4 virus free souls – Wasted, Air Bags, Kodiak, and Duck ventured into the gloom Monday at 5:30am to participate in Wasted’s Spring Break Parking Lot stations:

Wasted accepted the AB challenge….so what this tells us….accept challenges in life, push yourself, get out of comfort zone….plus half way through lent challenge…and need a boost….stay healthy and away from virus through fresh air excercising!

(15 of each)
the first excercise is….starting position move…in cadence
1. Side-straddle hops
the next excercise is… starting position move…in cadence
2. Michael Phelps
3. The Merkin 25
4. The Hillbilly
5.  The Reacher

CountORama – break into partners of 4, all pax runs steps and rotates round until each excercise is complete

The Thang:
4 stations:  Goal was 50 or As Many as possible until all 4 complete cycle of all 4, then rotate to next cone.  Able to finish 2 cycles

Cones have 4 excercises on each, cycle through each one as one pax runs steps

cone 1) CHEST/ARMS  50 each is goal
a. merkins
b. merkin jacks
c. curb dips
d. catalina wine mixers (25)

cone 2)  LEGS 50 each leg is goal
a. squats
b. iron mikes
c. lunges
d. toe raises

cone 3)  ABS 50 each is goal
a. flutter kicks
b. dollys
c. lbc’s
d. big boy sit ups

cone 4)CARDIO 50 each is goal
a. jump rope
b. side straddle hop
c. Bobby Hurleys (25)
d. Frog Jumps back and forth (25)

Prayer requests

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