Corona 19 Workout

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4 Pax showed up amidst the chaos of flu season…working to make themselves more immune to the virus that’s gonna be gone sooner rather than later.

If you haven’t been to a workout, come on out if your gym is closed. It will keep you in shape until this blows over.


Warm up. SSH/19, MP/19 , Reacher19, hello dolly19, mt climbers 19, flutter kicks 19.

mosey to skate park

Skate park: 19 derkins/19 step ups. Each leg, 19 squats. 19 flutter kicks 4x

Basketball court:

Suicides; 19 LBC’s half court/ 19 merkins end line..2x   Mosey to the field.

4 corners…19 burpees/19 big boi sit ups/19 squats/ 19 wheezy Jefferson’s.

Finish with a butterfly stretch,  1 minute plank, 19 tempo merkins, and 19 flutter kicks

It was good to have the band back together again and get a good sweat in.  Everyone performed above and beyond their best.

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