No Q? Be That Somebody.

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  • When: 03/21/2020
  • QIC: Jumanji, Papa Smurf, Wrangler, Outhouse
  • The PAX: EPT, Jumanji, Wrangler, Tone Deaf, Outhouse, Inside Out, Housekeeping, Papa Smurf

8 Pax posted in defiance of the proletariat to get a community organized beatdown this morning.

4 of the Pax took turns dialing up their own special sauce to keep the others engaged.

EPT and Inside Out we’re stopped at the Berlin Wall but somehow managed to make it through the checkpoints to gift the rest of the Pax 10 burpees.

WARM UP  gentle mosey halfway around the park….circle up

SSH/10 DQ/8 Reacher/10, Merkins/10 Parker Peters/ imperial walker/10 prisoner squats /10

mosey to sideline
11’s  diamond merkins and squats

run length of the field 1/2 way 10 flutter kick end line ten flutter kicks/ midway through p flutter kicks/end line 10 flutter kicks.rinse and repeat with various methods of running and exercises at each line.

Inchworm mile(that’s hard)…lunges and Bearcrawls to various lines with 11’s  v ups and squats…pax panting now

4 corners on the field..10 burpees/20 T-Bird Merkins/30 Mt climbers/ 40 squats/10 burpees. Finish with a few sprints and squats…sure to have left something out but it was a nice workout.

Jumanji reminded us of a quote.”Be That Somebody.”   During these uncertain times, we can be the leaders that this community is looking for.

COT/BOM with social distancing…Outhouse closed us out with prayers for all those sick and in need of comfort and for all of us to weather this storm.

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