Doubleheader Thursday

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  • When: 04/02/2020
  • QIC: Full Monty
  • The PAX: Bada Bing, Airbags (R), Zamboni (R), Bloomer, Outhouse, Focker, Duck, FNG Ray

Because he was missing the start of the baseball YHC dressed in his Cubby best (where is @Gravy?) so at least it may feel like baseball season. There was also a bit of a nip in the air as the QIC tip-toed around the house to see if there were any neighbors that may get awaken by the sudden clamor of an F3 AO…having found none or maybe not caring that much he got things set up for the PAX.

It is a little different setting up to Q because there is an element of technology to worry about. Is everything set correctly, what if something goes wrong, can they hear me, can they hear the timer, can they hear the music??? All of which in the live environment is an easy adjustment. Leadership is just that way…we all get comfortable leading in the manner in which we function 99.9% of the time. Whether it is father, manager, captain, boss, dad, neighbor or ? we tend to fall into the method we are comfortable with. We set cruise control. I believe cruise control is one of the evilest expressions we have.  Cruise control dictates us to take our minds off of continual growth and striving for God’s very best! The virtual gloom is stretching us all as leaders and followers. It is a good thing we can audible and still get the fitness, fellowship and faith that makes F3 what it is for us virtually. Thank the Lord for technology.

So without much introduction… and a break in protocol and a vital mistake by the OIC we jumped into the WO without a disclaimer…I did not know as the QIC there was a FNG present. Once I did, I stopped the workout and gave the proper disclaimer… here’s the DH for you…

Warm Up – OYO b4 WO

The Thang –

4 rounds of 5 sets apiece Tabata style, 30 seconds of exercise, 10 seconds of rest, two exercises:

the rounds: 1) Merkins (different each set)/skaters

2) Prisoner Squats/Crab Kicks

3) Shoulder taps & Plank Jacks/Flutter Kicks and Freddy Mercury’s

4) Long Jump Shuffle/Burpees

Finish with SSH and LBC’s for the remaining time…


Prayers for Chuck a health care worker who is in isolation with COVID-19

Prayers for other recovering and for all the front line workers, Dr’s, nurses, EMT, firemen, police

Wisdom for leadership as they make decisions

I shared Matthew 7 – The Sermon on the Mound where Jesus commands us to ask, seek and knock. We must to be heard by our heavenly Father. We workout to be strong for ourselves, our families and our community. Keep getting stronger men!

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