Good Friday Ruck

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  • When: 04/10/2020
  • QIC: Feud

Scholars believe that the Jesus carried only the cross beam on his way to Golgotha. The entire weight of the Roman cross was about 300 pounds, with the cross bream being about 100 pounds. It is also believed that he carried the cross beam a distance probably less than ½ mile. Tradition has it that Jesus fell three times on his way to his death and that he was 33 years old.

The Thang

1.25 mile walk with a 50# ruck sack. Three stops along the way for
• 33 ruck merkins
• 33 ruck squats
• 33 flutter kicks with ruck overhead

Always wanted to do some sort of tribute to our Lord for his sacrifice. Jesus was God and he was the Man.
Thank you, Jesus for your sacrifice.

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