Serving or Being Served?

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  • When: 04/29/2020
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: T-Bird, Sofa, Check Please, Wahoo, Show and Tell, Outhouse, Bullwinkle(R), Three Peat(R)

Pool party reopens:

Thought for the day::::are you serving or being served?
9 pax posted to a beautiful morning  workout at Pool Party. There was a moose sighting(Bullwinkle), a furniture sighting(Sofa), and a fish(wahoo) sighting .

Warm up:  MP •10 WONDERBRA •10  Grady corn •10 oDQ•10.Reacher•10 SSH•20  MC•20 Spider-Man stretch •5 each side Hello Dolly•10 Flutter Kicks 

mosey to pool  10 merkins, 10 dips  lap around the park  10 burpees lap around the park 10 merkins 10 dips 10 LBC LAP around the park. Rinse and repeat.

20 box jumps. 10 decline merkins 10 LBC’s. 20 step ups  10 decline merkins


Mosey to basketball court•

garden variety line drills…then 20 flutter kicks mosey to field 


Usain Bolts:

1/2 down squat 15x 1/2 down to all the way down 15 x.  Full squat 15x

Bill MURRAY: run to sideline. 10 merkins•10 squats•10 BBSU •10 flutter kicks.(4x)

San Antonio shuffle. Left lunge right lunge burpee plank jack

backward lunge across the field. Circle up and finish with a few exercises.

COT/BOM. Prayers for this to be over. It was great to hear the mumble chatter and bad music amid this pandemic stuff. Looking forward to seeing everyone in the gloom in person. Also pray for clarity and sanity in these times. It was fun leading the men this morning and having rubber pellets all over my body

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