Most Epic Q Ever!

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  • When: 05/02/2020
  • QIC: Papa Smurf(RR)
  • The PAX: EPT, Jumanji, Tone Deaf, Bobber,Outhouse, Inside Out(R), Zamboni(R), McDreamy(R),Bedpan(R), Housekeeping(R) Three Peat(R)

∅12 Pax posted for what would prove to be the most Epic Q Ever. All of the authoritarian rules were followed and the Pax settled back into racing form. This being the first Saturday in May, it would have Been the 146th running of the Kentucky Derby. That will have to wait until September. The Pax warmed up on the backstretch nicely and thus began the Most Epic Q ever.

Warm Up

On your six: butterfly stretch…hello dolly•15 AST•15 Spider-Man stretch 5 each leg plank jacks •10. Mt climbers •10 hillbillies •10 DQ•10 reacher•10 MP•10 LBAC F/B •10 SSH •20

Route 66 to beach. 1 burpee and add 1 at each light.65 miles 55 burpees


Partner exercise: bear crawl dora

1 man bear crawls .Other man does the exercise 100 merkins/200 LBC’s/200 squats

Run back to park:

Monkey humpers at side of road x 3


5 werkins crawl 10 steps. 5 regular merkins. Crawl 10 steps…5 diamond merkins. 10 steps close together. Width of field

  • Finish with sprints, run backwards, toy soldiers and merkins
  • cirle up for flutter kicks, alternating shoulder taps, and wheezy Jefferson’s.

COT BOM prayers for lots of guys facing all kinds of stuff that never seemed possible. We have faith in a power greater than ourselves to guide us through these uncertain times.

There is something about being around a group of men who push each other to do their best all the while laughing at each other’s foibles.

We all are not in the same boat, but we are in the same storm.

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