Happy Mother of Pain Day

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17 PAX at Boondocks: Tazz, Bolt, Clubber, Green Eggs, Butcher, Scholls, Farrah&Farrah, Updraft, McFly, Fixit, Feud, Aquaman, Culpepper, Doink, Extinguisher, FiftyCent, + Twister.

“Deck of Pain” aka F3 Workout Deck

Upon arrival each PAX was dealt 3-4 cards from the Deck of Pain. We promptly moseyed to the turf field to begin (shoulda warmed up before you got here).
• Initial motivator: As group, name all 5 principles in 10secs or do 10 burpees. Challenge passed without penalty.

• 10 group burpees at end for each card lost
• number card = # + 10reps
• face card = 25reps
• ace = 100reps
• joker = holder’s choice
• Play cards in any order you want
• everyone has 1x “Ten Count” to play whenever you want

GO! Q set the pace with little rest between exercises. Made it through 2/3 deck before time ran out… better luck next time. At least we ended with 25 Burpees.

Closed with COT (no BOM) + pledge of allegiance. Rendezvoused at Maple Street for Coffeeteria.

P.S. Scholls said bring cinderblock coupon to TUE ThunderDome 0530; also next SAT Boondocks with Extinguisher.

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