So Much Beeping Fun!

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  • When: 05/12/2020
  • QIC: Slash
  • The PAX: Dollar Bill, G-Train, Gizzard, Shirley (respect), Hat Trick, Voodoo, Wasted, Outhouse (still 49)

It’s been a while since the Pax joyfully engaged in the Beep Test, so after some warm-ups and a mile job, YHC broke it out this morning. The ladies were working out in another part of the parking lot, and as their laughter filled the air, one member of the Pax forlornly wondered why our workout wasn’t fun. Fair question! Always sensitive to the needs of the Pax as well as eager to please, YHC promptly made the Beep Test even more fun than it already was, introducing merkins and mountain climbers into it!

Success! I think we were all delighted at how similar to burpees the Beep Test merkins turned out to be! So much laughter and gaiety ensued that I might be confusing who said what, but I *think* it was Gizzard who, while just about bursting with glee, noted something along the lines of, “When you have to pop up so fast it’s like a burpee!”

While that seemed to be quite the crowd pleaser, YHC did sense quiet disappointment emanating from Gravy, who was clearly despondent that we didn’t formally introduce burpees into the Best Test. So… more fun! We did three beep rounds of burpees (sans running) at the end, 23 in all!

YHC had pre-blasted the theme last night but called an audible during the course of the BOM chatter. It’s important to have fun, especially now. As we discussed at the end, in a very loose BOM, these are stressful times, especially for those home-schooling kids while working at home. Patience can run thin, so it’s important that we remind ourselves to take a 10 count when in those situations and remind ourselves of leading by example and being the parents we all can be. We asked the SkyQ for patience and grace, all needs spoken and unspoken, and wrapped it up. Thanks, gentlemen, for coming out and — for real — making my morning fun.

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