Find your True North

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  • When: 5/7/2020
  • QIC: Gizzard
  • The PAX: check please, airbags (Respect), vodoo, saigon sam (respect), wasted, rocky (FNG), bullwinkle, deuce, papa smurf (double respect), shirley, bada bing, outhouse, brown, dollar bill, zambonie (respect), gravy, full monty (respect).

PAX joined QIC in Badlands on a warm, muggy, AM BD.  Message for the day- find your true north.  Being sure we, as men, base our morale compass on a solid foundation, not compromising, not waivering, not basing it on the what the world thinks alone.  Or else- we may end up finding ourselves buying toilet paper every day at 7am.
Warm up
10 Burpees – IC
10 Burpee – IC
10 Merkins OYO
The Thang!
Mosey to first parking lot
20 burpees, bear crawl, 20 burpees OYO.  Mosey, 20 merkins, mosey, 20 more merkins, airchair for the 6.
Mosey to lot 2:
30 monkey humpers, 30 calf risers, RR X 3.  Air chair for the 6.
Mosey to lot 3:  Ab-o-rama
BBSU, LBC, Countdowns, RR X 2.
Indian Run back to flag, merkins/burpees stop along the way.
We are being asked to compromise a lot.  Pressure to conform, pressure to react, pressure to fear.  Find and keep that true north.
Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama, Circle up- Announcement – Watch slack for updates on Memorial day convergence.  Closing prayer

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