Four Corners & Four Pillars

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  • When: 05/21/2020
  • QIC: Slash
  • The PAX: Air Bags (respect), Gizzard, Shirley (respect), Brown, Flo, Bada Bing, Check Please!, Wasted, Sofa, Gravy/Gravy Train/G-Train

First off, just gotta say, there are truly some beasts working out among us… Hats off to Wasted, Check Please!, Shirley and Gizzard for doubling down this morning. Not only did they find their way to Hard Nocs after knocking out The Snaggle’s workout at Davis Park, they even more impressively survived what I suspect was 45 minutes of Snaggle mumblechatter, explaining in excruciating detail a) what a buckeye is, and b) why there isn’t even a scent of irony in Urban Meyer — the guy who recruited Aaron Hernandez — teaching an ethics course at The Ohio State University. Salute to Snaggle, The OSU and the double-downers!!

Today’s theme: Four Corners (the workout, details pending) and Four Pillars (the foundations of my relationship with my daughter). First, the pillars… Our daughter virtually graduated from PVHS last night. It wasn’t what we envisioned at the start of the year, but she made the most of it, decorating her cap and celebrating her friends as they marched down the virtual aisle. I’m prone to mawkish sentimentality and as I watched the scene unfold last night, I was touched with the expected “I can’t believe 18 years have gone by” feelings, thinking back to her first day at nursery school, her kindergarten graduation, etc.

I was also reminded of the hard work and commitment that went into raising her and reaching this milestone. A lot of that can be boiled down into the Four Pillars that I’ll share here. Please note: This is what worked for me; take from it what you will (or won’t). We discussed this a bit in the COT this morning and there was definitely some overlap among the Pax with these points, and certainly these can be applied to other relationships as well (wives, sons, nieces, nephews, etc.)

I. Time. So obvious, right? As Deuce noted the other day, there’s nothing more valuable we can give than time. How I spend time with my daughter has evolved over the years, and as she’s grown older, she certainly wants to spend more time with her friends and less time w/ dad. So the play time of yesterday (which I miss so much) has evolved into things like going for runs together, making dinner together, stuff like that. There is one constant from when she was a toddler – every night when she goes to bed, I go in and say good night to her. Some nights it’s just quick chit-chat, other nights it’s deeper. I always give her that opportunity, and some great talks ensue.

II. Candor. This has really emerged in the last couple of years. It often involves clothes she wants to wear (e.g., a halter top that doesn’t halt) but is not permitted to wear. We battle. She gets mad. And that’s fine. I tell her what she needs to hear, not what she wants to hear.

III. A role model. My daughter has been and will be continued to be pursued by boys. That’s fine. I vet them, of course – I really enjoy watching them fidget during the initial “meet the dad” talks hee hee hee – but just as important, I show her what her expectations should be in terms of how a boy should treat her. I show her this by how I treat my wife. My daughter pretends to gag (or maybe it’s real) when I hug Elizabeth but I know she’s watching. She’s watching how I talk with Elizabeth. How we converse. How we spend time with one another. My daughter knows that whoever courts her should be respectful and kind. It seems to be working – her first boyfriend was a cool bad-boy type who she ultimately dropped pretty quickly because he wasn’t considerate enough of her. I’ll always remember her quote about one of his actions toward her – “That’s not going to cut it.” Love it. She’s had two boyfriends since and they’ve both been great kids.

IV. Failings. I’ve been blessed in life. I’ve worked hard, I’ve gotten some breaks. My daughter sees manifestations of success around her. It’s important she knows about the failings. Who barely graduated from high school on time? Her dad. Who was cut from his high school basketball team’s tryouts three years in a row? Her dad. Who wept uncontrollably from the pain at Outhouse’s last workout? Well, maybe not a full out-and-out sobbing, but… Anyway, you get the idea. In an Instagram world rife with illusory perfection, it’s important she knows that imperfection is the norm and that failure is just fuel, not destiny.

Onto the workout…

Four rounds of work, moving from one corner of the welcome center to the next, executing various exercises at each corner. Each exercise (including the movement from corner to corner) lasts 30 seconds, followed by five seconds of rest, with a 12-second break after each round.

Q note: After arriving early to map this out, the Q realized that he had drastically underestimated the amount of time to get from station to station. This had originally been budgeted for 15 seconds, which was only about 15 seconds short. So with expanding the time to 30 seconds to get from station to station, the original plan of a rinse-and-repeat on this was scratched in favor of finishing up with an impromptu half-mile cool down run and some ab work (including Saigon Sam’s favorite — side hip raises). G-Train sniffed out that the Q was winging in those last ten minutes, but the ab work seemed to go over well, at least with Sofa.

• Round 1: Bear crawl jump from corner to corner.
• Round 2: Broad jump from corner to corner.
• Round 3: Frog hop from corner to corner. Q note to self: This seemed to be particularly popular, especially after the previous round of broad jumps.
• Round 4: One more round of bear crawls from corner to corner.

Chest Corner
• Round 1: Merkins
• Round 2: Diamond Merkins
• Round 3: Wide Merkins
• Round 4: Derkins

Ab Corner
• Round 1: LBCs
• Round 2: Feet to Heaven
• Found 3: Forearm Plank
• Round 4: Flutter Kicks

Leg Corner:
• Round 1: Squats
• Round 2: Lunge Pulses – right foot forward on curb
• Round 3: Lunge Pulses – left foot forward on curb
• Round 4: Monkey Humpers

Fun Corner
• Round 1: Burpees
• Round 2: Groiners
• Round 3: Dips (feet up on the curb)
• Round 4: Burpees (It was good of Check Please! to suggest that there may have been a typo with burpees repeated at the Fun Corner, but of course, that’s what made this corner so fun!)

Announcements: The Memorial Day gauntlet. No need to do all of them. The Q tweaked his already-tempermental calf this morning on the cool-down run and may not be able to run the Murph but will do something. Closed with some discussion about daddy / daughter relationship dynamics and prayers. Always a pleasure to lead.

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