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  • When: 05/25/2020
  • QIC: Papa Smurf
  • The PAX: Three peat(R) Air Bags(R), Pud, Maple, Squirt(FNG),Sod, Gravy, Outhouse, Jumanji, Slash(R), Sofa, Wasted, Booshay, Housekeeping((R), Aquaman, FLO, Son of Sam, Toxic(RR), Bowser(R), Retread, Feud(R), Focker(R), Gizzard, Saigon Sam(R), Bada Bing, Tazz, Dime, Dollar Bill, Hat Trick, Shirley(R), Spinx, LIFO,Cropduster, Statue of Liberty, McDreamy, Otis(FNG welcome), Sparky(FNG welcome)

37 pax converged at Poseidon in various forms of dress and physical capabilities to perform THE Murph, in honor of Lt. Michael Murphy of Lone Survivor notoriety.

Over 1.1 million Americans have sacrificed their lives in wars around the world and in this country to give us all the freedoms that we can  take for granted.

Lt. Murphy’s sacrifice is remembered each year by performing The Murph….a 1 mile run followed by 100 pull ups, 200 merkins , and 300 squats. His family established a foundation that includes scholarships for the children of fallen heroes as well as training centers for those wanting to become Navy Seals.

Following The Star Spangled Banner, the pax Moseyed to the circle to complete a warm up followed by The Murph.


SSH•20/ Michael Phelps •15/ The Hillbilly•10 Don Quixote •10 Reacher •10 AST•10.


5 laps(1.1 miles) then go to the playground to do various sets of the Murph…the QIC was gimpy and found excellent company with Slash, who is nursing a calf injury and Feud, who is on the IR AS well.

As per design, a few of the Pax determined that they would do the Murph in a non conformist pattern. The only thing that mattered is that they complete the task at hand, which they did.

The cool thing about F3 is that even if there seems to be chaos and disorder, everyone pulls together and the shit gets done.

COT BOM.   welcome FNG’s Sparky, Squirt, and Otis.
John 15:13.  “Greater love has no one than this …to lay down ones life for ones friends .”

In spite of injury, it was a pleasure to lead such an awesome group of men this morning. Be thankful for your freedom men…

After this beatdown, there are others who will complete The Fallen, to honor other fallen members from different branches of the military.

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