Burpee Biscuits for breakfast boys?

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  • When: 5/26/2020
  • QIC: Bowzer
  • The PAX: Pyro,Charmin, Heisenberg, Toxic-double,Snuffy-double, Pud, Septum, Jumanji, Lego, Eileen-Respect, Xenu-Respect, Bernie, Bowzer, Mr. Woodchuck

Well it’s been a while since YHC has taken the time and effort to write a backblast. So here goes.

Today was the start of the 40 Day Queen challenge, so what better way to kick it off than with some good old-fashioned biscuits. Buttery Burpee biscuits!! Boyah!

Warm up….

Side Straddle Hops


Michael Phelps

Oh Charmin…thanks for the first course of biscuits! 10 for your untimely arrival.

The Thang

After a quick little mosey around the parking lot, the Pax noticed faded orange cones strategically placed. We’ll call those “pleasure stations“.

At each cone, please enjoy a Burpee Biscuit! A 3 burpee base,  the exercise,  topped off with 3 more burpees! Yummy yummy fo yo tummy!!!

The pleasure Stations:

15 merkins

15 Groinera

15 squats

15 Bobby Hurleys

15 Bbsu

15 pull ups.

Repeat for time

At 6:43 ish…. YHC decided to circle up to do a burpee wave. Pax hold an air chair whilst the wave is in motion. I do believe we got six rounds in.



Good turn out for the Fallen. Do something that sucks every day. Prayers for SOC!

Enjoy your day Gents!!

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