5 30 Anchor Q Backblast

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  • When: 05/30/2020
  • QIC: Charmin
  • The PAX: Pud, Septum, Lifo, Bowzer, Gekko, Xenu, Synapse, MR. Woodchuck, Toxic

Warm-up: SSH, Reacher, Prisoner Squats, Mikey Phelps

The Thang:

Plank (P) to Merkins to Mountain Climbers to (P) to DMerkins to P-Jacks to (P) to PPMerk to Groiners

Air Chair (AC) to SSH to Iron Mikes to AC to P-Squats to Side-lunges to AC to Bobby Hurley to Jump Rope

Repeat x 1

Ascending Burpee suicide ladder – 1, 2, or 3 buprees sprint to your light post then 5 Merkins sprint back 5 BBsit-ups

Top 3 finishers add 1 Burpee to their start – Continued for 6 rounds

Circle of Death – Bear Crawl, Power skips round park using light post to switch, 1 full round

Clock of Merkins and Step-jumps – 2 sets

Circle of Death – Mosey 3 forward, 10 BB-situps, Power skip 1 back (Homage to Bowzer), 1 full round

20 Buprees then run across Park for AMRAP Air Squats for the 6.

Popcorn stretching – Yoga master PUD and Mr. Woodchuck going for the deep piriformis stretch

Count-a-rama, Name-a-rama,

Announcements & Prayer requests: Lifo saw seat-covers for a deal; DM him. Zamboni is officiating Seatdown’s wedding today!!!!                  All the Best!

Trinity is back for volunteers 6/15 – Septum with more details!

Pray for the day – Gratitude to set one’s attitude before engaging with family.

Watch-out we are Chucking Wood on Tuesday!

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