Calm That Crying Baby

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  • When: 06/04/2020
  • QIC: Xenu
  • The PAX: PUD, Mr. Woodchuck, Snuffleupagus, Heisenberg, Lifo, Gekko, Matlock, Pyro, Lego, FarahandFarah, Bigbird, Synapse, The Barry Shinkoff, Eileen, Zamboni, Screech, Denice, Bowzer, Bernie, Jumanji, Septum,

22 PAX gathered in the rainy gloom of BOHICA to calm their crying baby and get better.


YHC is becoming a Jumanji disciple.  Make the warm up quick and get to the THING.  

  • 20 SSH (IC)
  • 10 Little Baby Arm Circles Forward (IC)


Gather in middle of field with your baby (cinder block).  Your baby is asleep.  When your baby sleeps,  you sleep.  Run to your bedroom (picnic area) and do a 30 second plank. After 30 seconds, you hear your baby crying.  Run back to the middle of the field. In one smooth continuous motion, SQUAT to pick up your baby.  CURL UP to rock your baby, PRESS overhead to say “Hi” to your baby, CURL DOWN to sooth your baby and SQUAT to put baby back in crib.  Do this 10 times until they stop crying,  Run back to your bed an plank for 30 seconds at which time they will cry again.  Rinse and repeat.   Our night lasted about 15 minutes.


Partner Up.  You earned some rest.

NIGHT OUT 1 – PARTNER 1 runs out to the bars while PARTNER 2 babysits.  PARTNER 1 does 15 PULL-UPS and 25 MERKINS.  PARTNER 2 ‘babysits’ both babies by carrying them up and down the field stopping to do 3 BURPEES at each end.   When PARTNER 1 returns, they switch roles.  

NIGHT OUT 2 – Same concept.  The difference is each partner now gets to run to a sporting event (basketball court) while the other babysits both babies. At each corner, they do a BURPEE and:


NIGHT OUT 3 – Same Concept.  The difference is each partner now gets to run to a theater event (racquetball court) while the other babysits both babies.

  •  90 second  WALL SIT with claps
  •  10 DONKEY KICKS for an encore. 

When everyone is done, work as a group to do a bunch of 10 rep block exercises until it is time to carry you baby overhead back to the flag.

Note for next time is to explain THING 2 more clearly.  A little confusion as some went on double dates and brought their babies with them.  All good, they still kept moving, carrying weight and doing exercises which was the point all along.  (Or maybe they just found it hard to be a part from one another?) 

#IronSharpensIron  #PeaceAndLove #WellAtLeastItsFree



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