Just a roll of the dice

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  • When: 6/16/20
  • The PAX: Jumanji, Big Papi - DR, Xenu - R, Updraft -R-, Pud, Pick 6, Synapse - DR, Snuffy - DR, Toxic - DR, Septum, Zamboni - R, Bowzer - R, Feud, Farah and Farah - DR, Bernie 4 points

16 PAX gathered in the gloom, it was ‘cold’ according to Synapse.

YHC had an idea after chatting with Xenu a few weeks ago then the wheels started turning in my head as to how to accomplish this.  Amazon provided the foam dice big enough and bright enough to see in the gloom.



  • 1 burpee  (I think Jumanji said something about jumping right into it)
  • 2 squats
  • 3 groiners
  • 4 merkins
  • 5 groiners (at this point, some PAX said, I don’t like where this is going)
  • 6 jump squats
  • 7 burpees
  • 10 Michael Phelps IC

The Thang:

Pax split into 4 groups for logistics. Cones were set in 12 spots in a clock pattern, with a paper with an exercise or something to do, and 3 dices for rolling.  I thought this would be easy to do and went over it in my mind to best describe it.  There was still some confusion among the PAX.  As a leader, this falls to me. If the task isn’t performed properly, it falls to me that the directions were not clear and concise.  Usually, you have more time to ensure everyone understands, but this is F3, it should be clear and to the point, so no time is wasted.

The directions were for 4 PAX start at positions 3,6,9, and 12.  Do the exercise on the paper and roll the dice.  Move ahead the number of spots corresponding to the roll.  Do what the paper says. If you happen to be going clockwise you are lunging, if you happen to go counter clockwise you are running backwards.

Complete 2 revolutions from where you started.

Locations: Item on paper

  1. 5 burpees
  2. 5 burpees
  3. 20 merkins
  4. Go back to spot #1
  5. 5 burpees
  6. 20 merkins
  7. Go back to spot #4
  8. 5 burpees
  9. 20 merkins
  10. Go back to spot #7
  11. 5 burpees
  12. 20 merkins.

as you can see, everyone starts with 20 merkins, but based on odds (33% of your roll), you would have got caught in a backwards loop to set you back to #1.

Mosey to playground:


  • 10 of each – irkins, derkins, merkins dips
  • 20 of each – LBC, BBSU, flutter kicks, Freddie Mercurys
  • 30 of each – calf raises, jump squats, lunges, monkey humpers
  • 20 of each – LBC, BBSU, flutter kicks, Freddie Mercurys
  • 10 of each – irkins, derkins, merkins dips

Back to the field – YHC instructed every PAX to get to a spot (based on the 12 above), some were doubled. When they saw a few that had no exercise. They got excited. YHC instructed if no exercise listed, do 20 Monkey Humpers.

Snuffy rolled a dice, everyone moved that number to the left and did the exercise. Septum rolled, we moved right, finally Pud rolled we moved right again.

PAX made a circle, YHC joined for a Merkin count up. Everyone plank, YHC did 1 merkin, then in clockwise rotation, each did 1 merkin at a time, then 2,3,4,3,1.

Finally 1 burpee.

Naked Moleskin:

  • Prayers to Bowzer and family.
  • Trinity on Friday, Toxic taking last spot.  Did you know Toxic got fired from KFC when he was 16? The more you know!!
  • Be the best you can be, be kind, help others.

An Honor to Q.

LIFO (the party)




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