6th Grade all over again

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  • When: 6/20/2020
  • QIC: Bowzer
  • The PAX: Dial Up-Respect, Synapse-Respect, Hog Country, DNice, Septum, Bowzer

When YHC was in the 6th grade, my mother decided I should host a pool party. I thought it was a terrible idea but was overruled. I sent out the invitations and when the big day arrived…one person showed up. Jerry Rothschild. We made the best of it, but yeah it hurt.

So this morning in prepping for my beatdown, I began to wonder if this was going to be the 6th grade all over again. No Heisenbert, no Lifo, no Toxic. But then came Septum, and Synapse, Dial-Up, Hog Country and even a special appearance by D-Nice. Whew…..

I wanted today to be special for them. So, so special.

The Warmup.

10 SSH

10 Reachers
10 Imperial Walkers

10 Michael Phelps

Warmup mosey around the park.

The Thang 1

I had posted on slack for Pax to bring a cinder block and jump rope. But NOBODY and I mean NOBODY but YHC read it. Just replayed the 6th grade all over again. Oh well.

At each light post around the park, YHC had placed a placard with instructions for a burpee biscuit. BUT if you recall, the old biscuit recipe was 3 burpees, exercise and 3 burpees. But this is the new and improved recipe!

10 merkins, 4 burpees, 10 merkins

10 Block presses, 4 burpees 10 block presses

10 bench dips, 4 burpees, 10 bench dips

10 Lunges Left leg, 4 burpess, 10 lunges right leg

25 Jump ropes, 4 burpees, 25 jump ropes (some had to do this Gekko style, cuz like I said, NO ONE READ THE PRE INSTRUCTIONS. (not bitter)

10 V Ups, 4 burpees, 10 V ups.

10 Werkins, 4 burpees, 10 werkins

10 Bobby Hurleys, 4 burpees, 10 Bobby Hurleys

10 BBSU, 4 burpees, 10 BBUS

10 Monkey Humpers, 4 burpees, 10 Monkey Humpers

20 LBC’s, 4 burpees, 10 LBC’s


Thang 2

The Pax seemed to have some indigestion over that meal, so we went to the fountain for some Calf raises, Rocky Balboas and Wheel of Merkin action.

Thang 3

We met at the 12:00 lamp post and split up. 3 Pax went counter clockwise and 3 pax went Clockwise and we stopped at the quarter hour “Pleasure stations” for some more biscuits. Met back at the top.

We dadgum if we didn’t have more time so we and by we I mean YHC to throw in a 1, 2,3 Dora action.

100 Jump ropes…merciful

200 Squats

300 LBC.

Partner 1 exercises while partner 2 Bear crawls 10 steps (no alligator arm steps) and then runs the rest of the way.

There was STILL more time left so we circled up for a little Name your Least Favorite exercise action. Oddly enough, not many of us like burpees. (Septum hates the Lindsey Lohan, but YHC didn’t hear that.


Prayer requests for Dial Ups family and Septum’s 2.0 and we are out!

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